Emanuel Eichler


About the Artist

Emanuel Eichler is a young artist (30) focusing mainly on abstract painting. He lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

He has found his way to painting during his leucemia therapy, which was diagnosed in 2016. Within the last two years he has been continously developing his style further by painting several hours almost every day.

As he always said: "The way to improve your style is to paint. If that doesnt work, paint more."

As an autodidact he gets his inspiration of the artwork of temporary artists, as well as from well known painters. His favorite artists are Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky and Gerhard Richter.

Emanuel Eichler paints acrylic on canvas, preferrably on large squares. In his works he deals with the topic of contrasts and tension regarding to colors, objects and techniques. His aim is to create viewers attraction by leaving interesting details in his paintings behind, which make joy while discovering and make thought when interpretating it.